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BIOS Unlocking

Lenovo, HP, Dell, Mac and more. We pioneered the methods to make it happen.

BIOS repairs

Professionally fixing the original firmware in any bricked computer, keeping sensitive data intact.

Proprietary tools

Allservice proprietary software & hardware solutions. We invent and create the tools.


Check out our range of tools, including R24RF08/W24RF08, PC8394T Programming Tools, SPEG programmer, IBMPass, and our popular Allservice BIOS DXE solution, which can be used to unlock MEC/ITE-based TP models.


Do you need to unlock or fix your laptop's BIOS? Check out our services for Lenovo, HP, Dell, and other brands, or contact us to obtain a quote based on your model.

Components & Tools

Pre-programmed BIOS chips,, components, laboratory solutions.

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Lenovo X1 Extreme G1 BIOS Supervisor Password Removal. 

Remote Service

Available worldwide. Note: A SPI flash programmer is required (Check out our SPEG programmer)

Lenovo L15 BIOS Supervisor Password Removal.

Ship-in Service

Latest ship-in services that we provide (only for customers located in EU)

Fujitsu FMV-U9311 BIOS and System Password Removal.

Remote service

Available worldwide. Note: A SPI flash programmer is required (Check out our SPEG programmer)

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