Lenovo BIOS Repair (Remote Service)


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BIOS Repair (Remote Service)  for any Lenovo product.

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BIOS Repair (Remote Service) for any Lenovo product.

Note: You need a SPI programmer (see “SPEG programmer” in our Products) to read the BIOS and email us the original BIOS dump file so we can recover critical info such as BIOS DASH table, NVRAM,  original certificates and MERegion. We also need the Serial Number and LAN MAC Address to verify is the BIOS dump is genuine.

We will repair the BIOS by replacing any missing or damaged modules and redo the checksums and SHA256 hashes. The fixed BIOS will be as good as the original prior the damage, no warranty void and Safeguard keys restored so you won’t lose your hard drive’s data.


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